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Majestic Macaw

Majestic Macaw

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The majestic macaw, universally renowned for its splendid and exotic plumage, symbolizes the color and vibrancy of life. In some cultures, the macaw is said to be linked with the energies of Mother Nature and the Sun, making the gorgeous feathers of this bird highly prized. It is also believed that macaw energies help heighten perception, intuition, and understanding of one's inner voice, as well as calming emotional anxieties and providing balance. Majestic Macaw by Belle Étoile is a limited edition masterpiece designed to capture the magnificence and awe-inspiring character of this hallowed creature. Exquisitely hand-painted with a myriad of colors and elegantly perched along luxurious strands of seashell pearls, Majestic Macaw is an exclusive treasure for any epicurean of nature's art.


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