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College Hockey Jerseys Yahoo! Sports News International Milan to Indonesia in the commercial competition period, President Moratti has visited Beijing. In visiting the Central Party school, oil tycoon with China Railway Construction Limited by Share Ltd were approached, hope that the central enterprises to build a new stadium Inter to lend a helping hand. President Moratti Meng Fengzhao presented to the president of the international Milan football team jersey Moratti first came to Beijing to visit the Imperial Palace,cheap authentic nfl jerseys, apparently not his main purpose. In May 28th, China Railway Construction Railway Blank Hockey Jerseys Construction Limited by Share Ltd official website news, finally solved the mystery of the inter president 's trip to Beijing,cheap nhl jerseys. The article points out, " China Railway Construction Corporation chairman and party secretary Meng Fengzhao, executive director, vice president and chief economist of its vibration clothing, May 22nd in railway building met with visiting international Milan football club chairman Moratti line. Both sides around the construction of inter Milan football field problems, had friendly talks, and consensus. " Meng Fengzhao on behalf of the Chinese railway construction on Moratti a welcome, saying China Railway Construction on Inter are very interested in the project construction of new stadium. Meng Fengzhao hope that Moratti can give more help in the process of operation, ensure that both parties to this project. Hu Zhen Yi also pointed out, China Railway Construction Corporation is willing to work with the international Milan to carry out all-round cooperation, whether it is investment project, or cultural projects, including the team project,cheap authentic jerseys. Soccer field construction is a good starting point for cooperation between the two sides, bring a good beginning. China Railway Construction Corporation is the world's largest engineering contractor, in recent years, the development speed is very quick. Particularly Cheap Baseball Jerseys in the construction field, China Railway Construction Corporation to build many of the city's high-rise building and landmark projects, including a number of projects in the 300 meters and above. At present, the international Milan and rivals AC Milan shared the San Siro ( inter habit called Giuseppe Meazza stadium ). However, due to the San Siro related aging hardware, inter hope to build a more modern stadium, more important is to end and Milan shared the San Siro. As early as in 2008 March, Moratti was confirmed as the new stadium, the club has to find an ideal land. However, the economic downturn in the background,cheap nfl jerseys, Moratti wants to rely on family business Salas petroleum company funds to build a new stadium does not conform to the actual. Today, Moratti finally found a good partner, inter in the future there will be more Chinese elements, which many Chinese blue-black loyal hope to see. " Mediaset ": inter Naples for approximately the marshal Stella Macho Ni renewal, adumbrative Inter have opened new one page. However, everything is hard in the beginning, Moratti's reconstruction plan stage then fell, Chase has long been the target of Lavezzi near Paris Saint germain. Do not have, inter turn to other candidates, according to the " mediaset " reports, Moratti has put forward the core Florence Uwe Diqy as the number one target for Montenegro, even willing to sacrifice the team Feng BA Pacini,wholesale nfl jerseys. Inter Milan for Ravi Qi Xinyi has been a long time, but in the Paris Saint Germain dollar campaign, Moratti can only watch as the Argentine was taken, according to the latest news, Lavezzi infinitely close to 26000000 euros to the French capital club. The Nerazzurri transfers the muzzle, the technical characteristics and the Argentine similar approximately into the headquarters of Salas 's vision. Uwe Diqy in the Serie A for years, feet delicate and rising potential is tremendous, known as " black Messi ". As the player for Florence town team treasure, and signed until 2016, and pay 2000000 Euro team top pay. But with the reconstruction of Red Wings Jersey the needed funds, if a team out of more than 30000000 euros, the Dellaalle family would sell the team core, it is implementation plan opportunity hire inter. The same Lavezzi leg, inter in the acquisition of approximately in the course of the same face the awkward situation of insufficient funds, in the transaction to join chips is to lower the price of the only choice. " Mediaset " is disclosed, Viviano is most likely related to the transfer of players, Italy goalkeeper ownership belong to Inter and Palermo, Moratti is ready to Palumbo or Faraoni transferred to the Sicilian club, to redeem Viviano half ownership, then the player into the Uwe Diqy trading. If this plan was rejected, inter are likely to sacrifice Pacini, the Italy striker returned to his former club, and the Viola are looking for struts up front, the old will undoubtedly Pacini is the right person. However, inter face intense competition, the opponent is sold Lavezzi to the Paris Saint Germain naples. " Mediaset " called delaurentis also looking for the replacement, Montenegro international was regarded as the best candidate, Cavani - Hamm Sieck - approximately the combination can make our vision of a better future. Naples terms and doesn't worry about the transfer budget, from Lavezzi's sale of Euro 26000000, enough to make Florence's heartbeat.

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